PharmRight One Step Closer to Commercial Release of Livi™

PharmRight One Step Closer to Commercial Release of Livi™

Aug 10, 2016

August 8, 2016
PharmRight Corporation, a telehealth technology company based in Charleston, SC, announced today that it has successfully registered the company with the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and its primary offering, the Livi™ Medication Dispenser, is now listed.  This provides the company with a clear line of sight to commercial release.

Bill Park, CEO, said, “We are very excited to introduce Livi to the market this Fall.  Our production facility in Maine is now online and able to support the significant demand we are seeing from customers.  We are also planning the launch of LiviPlus early next year to support remote medication management from any web-enabled device.”

About PharmRight
PharmRight Corporation was formed in 2013 to produce devices and offer services that help users manage complex medication regimens and age in place. The company has developed Livi, an innovative, fully-automated home medication dispensing system. A new entrant to telehealth, the Livi™ platform is an advanced, extremely reliable and fully automated home medication dispenser managed by an intuitive cloud-based application making real time monitoring and scheduling of medications quick and easy. Livi™ is designed to simulate the supervision of an on-site caregiver by prompting the user to take the right medication…at the right time…in the right quantity…with the right instructions.  A cloud application monitors and captures all user interactions with the device. Family members and professional caregivers can be alerted via text message or e-mail if a user misses a dose or requires a re-fill. Comprehensive medication adherence reports are available via any web-enabled device.

Livi is a FDA Class I medical device.  The Company is pursuing FDA clearance for LiviPlus as a Class II medical device that supports full remote medication management.

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