Welcome to Livi Enterprise for Businesses

Livi was designed to integrate with provider, insurer, pharmacy, telehealth, and other healthcare business services.  If your team is working to address the quality and cost impact of medication adherence for home-based patients, please contact us to explore the possibilities!

Livi Enterprise provides care teams and program managers with many features to help improve adherence and lower costs.  One example is this dashboard that provides staff with remote visibility to their patients and can help identify possible problems.

Pharmacy Services

Livi is a good fit for integration with pharmacies.  Livi can help simplify the fulfillment chain, provide support for adherence, and help clients with tools to manage complex medication regimens in their homes.

High Risk/High Cost Patients

If you are on a payer or provider team looking for cost effective ways to improve medication adherence for your chronically ill, post-transplant, or other high risk patients, Livi could help.  In addition to features that help patients improve adherence, care teams have timely visibility to patients who may be having an adherence problem.

Independent Living and Aging in Place Communities

For residents who need help with medications to remain independent, Livi can be integrated into medication management services to improve cost-effectiveness and give staff and family caregivers greater visibility to possible medication issues.

Intellectually/Developmentally Disabled (I/DD) Communities

Your challenges are unique, so lets talk!  Livi can help simplify caregiver workloads, close potential error gaps, and support client transition to independent living

Telehealth and Healthcare Technology

Livi offers a good fit for telehealth products and services that are ready to integrate home-based medication management into your solution.   Livi provides remote support for patients managing multiple medications - while providing system integration capabilities and timely data from the patient’s home.

Opioid and Pain Management

Livi’s physical and software security features provide PRN dosing capabilities, audit trails, and remote visibility to inventory and dispensing data that could help support your program goals.


We continue to learn.  Tell us about your medication management challenges.