Ease of use and management
Amazing machine. Saved us thousands of dollars the 1st year!

We got this dispenser for my 94 year old mother. Prior to this we were paying $200 a month for someone to come in twice a day. In addition I was spending several hours every other week filling four pill cases. Now I fill the dispenser once a month which takes less than an hour to do. All my mother does is press one button twice a day and her pills fall out of the machine like a Las Vegas slot machine.

- LG, Plano, TX
Adherence and health
A Life Saver

Purchasing the Livi for my mother is far and away the best decision I've made regarding her care. Like most children of aging parents, I had no idea how much her life would be improved by taking the correct amount of medication at the correct time each day. She was unable to do this on her own. Mom's energy level and sense of well-being is much better than before, and part of that is because she experiences the dignity of taking her medication without my constant direct supervision. I never worry about what is happening because I receive daily notifications showing that she has dispensed her pills on time. The cost of paying someone to manage Mother's daily medication was quoted as $450 per month, so Livi is a money-saver in that regard. Everything about the design of Livi has been well-thought-out. Videos show you step-by-step directions for loading and scheduling. The customer service is outstanding, sharing tips with me so that I could change the pill container position in the loader according to the texture of the tablet. I load her 90 day supply all at once and relax until the next shipment arrives. I highly recommend this device to anyone who needs regular medication for their own personal use, or for a loved one.

- Ptan
Adherence and health
My father is alive because of Livi

I believe my father is alive because of Livi.  Last November he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and prescribed 9 different meds to take daily.  My dad was too sick to stay on top of his medication schedule himself.  And my mother was emotionally stressed and overwhelmed with scheduling his medication.  It is my mother’s nature to let my dad rest and not disturb him if he is sleeping; “He can take his meds when he wakes up” mentality.  But, with Livi, the machine would indicate with a light and a noise when it was time to dispense his medication.   Thus, it wasn’t my mother disturbing my dad; it was Livi saying “It’s time for your medication.”  This made life infinitely easier for my mom.   While using Livi, my dad has NEVER missed a dosage.  Because of this, the doctors were able to very quickly adjust his medicines to the most optimal dosing.  And in two short months, my father is back to feeling like he did before his diagnosis

- D.S., Derry, NH
Independence and peace of mind
Great Peace of Mind!

This is great solution to a real problem facing caregivers. It offers great peace of mind knowing that the correct medications are being at the correct time. The machine is easy to set up. The text notifications if medicines were or were not dispensed are so helpful. Excellent customer service in setting up the rental and the return process when it was no longer needed.

- M.N.T., Appleton, WI
Adherence and health
Dad is Safe at Home!

My father accidentally took three and a half days of his meds. This resulted in a five day hospital stay costing approximately $18,000. Since then we have used the Livi to help organize his meds. It takes much less time to prep his meds and I get alerts when problems occur as well as when meds have been dispensed. It has been a valuable aid in allowing my father to stay safely in his own home as he wishes.

- D.W., Drummonds, TN
Ease of use and management
Livi Removes a Huge Family Burden

Great customer support, great product. The Livi makes sure my mother takes her medication on time and takes a huge burden off the family.

- C.V., Walled Lake, MI
Adherence and health
My Father is 100% Compliant!

I have struggled for 2 years to get my father to take 9 pills each day. I went from 3 times a day to twice. I organized them 30 days in advance and he would still not take them for several days. I bought an alarm clock to remind him to take his medication and he took the batteries out of it. Livi will let me know if he turns off or unplugs the machine.

His doctor of 20 years was considering dropping him as a patient because of his non-compliance with medication. I don’t think she would have dropped him, but I can see her point.

My father now is at 100% compliance with taking his medication. In addition, the machine is an unobtrusive way of letting me know that my father is at least out of bed and taking his medication each day. He feels a better now that he is taking all his medicine. Of course, he won’t admit that.

My dad tells me that I will one day have a robot follow him around the house to make him take his medication. He does not need a robot; he has Livi.

- F.T., Springfield, MO
Adherence and health
Livi has actually saved my life
Livi Is the BEST investment I have ever made. The level of customer service is 2nd to none! I have never had a business (health care provider) that has such dedication to their clients as Livi does. When I opened the box, it looked ominous and overwhelming. I got on the phone with LiviCare Support, and they were a tremendous help. They sent me a video link that walked me through the process from start to finish. Once you have set up one, it all falls into place, and in no time you have a fully operational machine. I was missing 3-4 doses of my medications a week. With Livi I miss NONE!! Livi has actually saved my life. You can't ask for anything more.  Bet On A Vet  🇺🇸
- A U.S. Veteran, Oregon
Adherence and health

Livi is the difference between Independent and Assisted Living for my Dad

- B.F., Westerville, OH
Independence and peace of mind
What a life saver!

Several months ago my 93 year old Mother who lives in her own apartment in a retirement community began having trouble with overtaking/undertaking her prescription medications. Needing to take action quickly; we decided to pay for the retirement community staff to begin administering her medicine at a cost of $100/month. Our ultimate goal was to allow our Mother to maintain her independence as long as she could and wanted to. I had been very active in the process of making this happen. Mother complied but did not like the fact that she needed to go downstairs to get her medicine mostly at bedtime as she was already in her night clothes. After a couple of weeks of the facility administering the medicine I was called and told that Mothers Blood pressure had fallen very low while on the community bus going to the store. The low blood pressure symptoms went away and all seemed to be okay again. While visiting with her one day we stopped to get her medicine before going out and I noticed that they were dispensing both of here blood pressure medicines in the AM. I questioned the facility and asked them to look at the prescriptions themselves which clearly said one to be given in the AM and one to be given in the PM. The response was that it is their protocol to give all BP medicines in the AM. I went to the Director but they continued to dispense the medicines this way. I knew we needed to do something soon based on what the result could be of low BP symptoms (dizziness/light headedness). Then I found LIVI. What a life saver. Not only does my Mother get her medicine dispensed correctly but she gets her medicine in the comfort of her own home.

Thank you Livi and the Livi team, you have helped our family and Mother out tremendously!!!

- B.G., Florida
Ease of use and management
Wonderful device!

Wonderful device!! Instructions were well written and clear, and set up was perfectly manageable. I actually enjoyed the set up and playing around with it online. The best part I think about this product and company was the unbelievable customer service. I got immediate responses anytime I had questions, and anytime they sensed unusual activity they actually reached out to make sure all was ok. I will definitely recommend it to anyone and think it can be useful to people in a variety of situations.

- V.M., Atlanta, GA
Ease of use and management
Livi is the difference between Independent and Assisted Living for my Dad

I researched many medication dispensing solutions to help manage my Dad’s daily 12-pill regimen. He suffers from a number of issues including Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. He was unable to manage sorting pills on his own, and never remembered to take them on time even when they were there waiting for him. Immediately after starting to use Livi his medication adherence jumped to almost 100% from an average of just 50-60%. I had the added benefit of not having to deal with sorting all of the pills each week; Livi stores almost 90-days’ worth of his medication which makes things very easy for me. I firmly believe that Livi is the difference between Independent and Assisted Living for my Dad. I worked with LiviCare when questions came up, and they were extremely helpful and super quick to respond. Anyone who is looking to manage a complex medicine routine should look no further than Livi!

- B.F., Westerville, OH
Ease of use and management
Livi has been part of my life for a year.

Livi has been part of my life for a year. Because I take about 25 pills per day at five different times, Livi allows me to dispense the correct medication and quantity prescribed at my chosen times. She is easy and simple. Livi provides peace of mind that your loved one is receiving the correct pill and dosage at the time prescribed by the doctor. My husband and I would definitely recommend Livi.

- N.S., Lake Forest, IL
Ease of use and management
I would highly recommend Livi!

I was able to start using Livi with my dad right away with the help of the enclosed instructions and several on-line videos. I like the text reminders that the pills have been dispensed or a dose was missed, etc. It is wonderful to go long periods of time without having to sort meds. I would highly recommend Livi. Love it! Thank you!

- L.H., Seattle, WA
Ease of use and management
I can't believe how big of a difference this machine makes for us.

Livi is incredible!! We were worried that my grandmother wouldn’t like it but she is doing so well with it and keeps thanking me. It's so easy for her to use. I can't believe how big of a difference this machine makes for us.

- A.Y., Rock Hill, SC
Ease of use and management
A blessing beyond measure!

Livi has become quite the blessing taking such good care of me. I don’t have to spend Sunday afternoon counting out pills. I don’t have to worry if I have taken my meds or not. She reminds me! She lets me know when I need to head to the store for refills. That’s what best friends do. They carry the burden for you!

- L.W., Charleston, SC
Independence and peace of mind
It has really increased his independence.

I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with [our patient] and his caregiver today. They are very happy with the Livi. It has really increased his independence with medications and he continues to enjoy using it. [Our patient] actually dispenses his travel packs each day independently.

- W.M., Telehealth Professional, Rochester, NY
Independence and peace of mind
Livi is a great tool for your loved one.

Livi is a great tool for your loved one who is having a little bit of trouble remembering to take their meds. The Livi Team is even more excellent they are there to answer any questions if you need help. I enjoyed having the Livi Cloud available 24/7 available online to ensure my Mom was taking her medicine. I loved the text messages I would receive when she missed a dose so I could call her and remind her to take her meds.

- S.M., Virginia Beach, VA
Independence and peace of mind
Livi is the new girl in our family member's life!

Our loved one is challenged daily with remembering if their medications were taken. Livi has solved that...allowing more independence than ever before! The Livi Team is always available for help whenever we had a problem occur. We like that we are able to make any adjustments to Livi remotely and not have to be there physically. We like the text alerts for meds due, meds dispensed, and when meds are running low. We LOVE that we no longer have to sort and count out the pills. We will never go back to med deliveries twice a day to our family member!

- L.C., Linwood, KS
Adherence and health
This will keep my wife healthier.

We were having problems administrating 15 different pills for my wife...pills getting mixed up because some pills looked similar, etc. Her doctors said we should look for a product that would help us administer the medication correctly. We found one product that dispenses them automatically in regards to; time(s) of day administrating them, pill type, quantity and instructions...this will keep my wife healthier and this should reduce doctor visits and/or hospital visits

- J.K., Rehoboth, MA
Adherence and health
I think my adherence has skyrocketed.

I think my adherence has skyrocketed. Before Livi I was probably taking my meds 65% of the time (while thinking I was taking them 95% of the time). Now every day at the same time, Livi prompts me to go take my meds. Wow, what a difference!

- R.F., Charleston, SC
Adherence and health
My mom seems quite a bit more "with it."

My mom seems quite a bit more "with it" than she did before we instituted this. The regulation of her medications appears to have had a significant effect. Thank you!

- E.B., Charlotte, NC

What healthcare professionals have to say

Curt Rising

Livi is a truly innovative product.

Livi is a truly innovative product. We have meaningful experience providing and managing medication organizers for customers residing in senior living communities. Livi’s automated dispensing, remote management and monitoring, and run time of at least 30 days between refills make her an attractive product for pharmacies to offer.

- Curt Rising, The Medicine Shoppe, Rapid City, SD
Stanley Devine

The future of pharmacy services.

For years my team and I have been working to drive the highest possible adherence for our pharmacy customers. Livi is taking us to a new level. Real time remote monitoring allows us to address problems as they occur – not days later. The locking storage area is a critical feature to prevent diversion and manipulation.

- Stanley Devine, PharmNet Pharmacy, Jackson, MS

Livi is the best automated med system I've seen.

I’m a nurse and medical marketer. Livi is the best automated med system I’ve seen. Someday I want to sell Livi!

- B.M., Greenville, SC