The Stats

People who take a lot of medications may be perfectly capable of staying in their homes, able to care for themselves, cook and clean, and even drive. But if they can’t remember to take their medications as prescribed, their independence may be short-lived. Consider these statistics:

35% of people

35% of people who took five or more medications experienced adverse drug events.*

39% of people

Only 39% of people who take medication four or more times a day are adherent to their drug regimens.*

30% of hospital admissions

30% of hospital admissions among older adults are drug-related.*

40% of nursing home admissions

40% of nursing home admissions among Type 2 diabetes patients are due to medication non-adherence.**


Unlike pillboxes or manual pill organizers, the Livi automated pill dispenser delivers medications exactly when people need them, according to doctors’ instructions. Program the dispenser to release the right pills at the right time, multiple times a day, and get text or email alerts when medications are dispensed or if your loved one misses a dose.

Worry less

Know with confidence that your loved one is taking meds as prescribed.

Restore your relationship

Livi takes your place as the medication aide, allowing you to focus on quality time together.

Gain more freedom

Help your loved one feel independent while keeping medication intake under control.

I think my adherence has skyrocketed. Before Livi I was probably taking my meds 65% of the time (while thinking I was taking them 95% of the time). Now every day at the same time, Livi prompts me to go take my meds. Wow, what a difference!

- R.F., Charleston, SC


More capacity and advanced capabilities set the Livi apart — and give you added confidence.

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Our loved one is challenged daily with remembering if their medications were taken. Livi has solved that...allowing more independence than ever before!

- L.C., Linwood, KS