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What can Livi do?

Livi prompts users when and how to take their meds via audible and visual alerts.

 She automatically dispenses a 90-day supply of up to 15 different pills and supplements.

If a dose is missed, Livi alerts caregivers via text message or email.

Livi uses a cloud-based application that makes scheduling and real-time monitoring of meds easy and convenient. Livi retains the user’s medication history and adherence data, which can be shared with physicians and other caregivers.

Livi means independence and better lives for users. Livi means peace of mind to family and caregivers.

Amazingly smart.
Remarkably simple to personalize.

Getting started with Livi is easy. All medication orders are entered using our cloud-based application from mobile devices or web browsers. Once the med order is entered, Livi’s container can easily and quickly be configured to handle the specific pill size and shape. After that, simply pour the contents of a pill bottle into one of Livi’s containers and follow the set-up prompts on the display. Repeat for up to 15 different meds or supplements. Livi will then begin dispensing the right medication at the right time, in the right quantity with the right instructions.


Livi can also provide reminders for refrigerated items, creams, liquids and other medications.

Dispensing peace of mind.

Livi is dependable and accurate thanks to advanced engineering and smart technology, which are far more reliable than manually sorting large amounts of medications and supplements. If a dosage is skipped or missed, Livi immediately alerts caregivers via text message or email. Medications and dosages can be adjusted in real-time using LiviWeb™.

Conveniently holds up to three months of meds.

Livi securely holds a 90-day supply of up to 15 different medications or supplements. As medications reach re-order levels, Livi alerts both users and caregivers via text and email. Once a prescription is re-filled, the meds can be added to the assigned, on-board container and Livi will continue to dispense the medication at the right time, in the right quantity with the right instructions. You never have to pre-sort medications when you use Livi, and you can simply discontinue a medication order from a browser or mobile device without the need to immediately remove meds from inside the locked storage area.

Customer service as dependable as the dispenser.

We have parents too! Livi was developed to improve the lives of those who rely on prescription medications, as well as those who care for them. The support team behind Livi takes great pride in helping customers set-up, use and maintain their Livi home medication dispenser. We are always a phone call away; ready to help ensure you enjoy the freedom and reliability that Livi delivers.

Thoughtfully designed with simplicity in mind.

Livi was designed inside and out to be easy to use. Users will find large buttons, a bright, crisp display and an easily-accessible cup that holds dispensed medications. Caregivers will encounter an easy-to-navigate web application, simple set-up fields and the peace of mind that comes with a fully automated medication dispenser. The design, engineering and technology inside are what make the device so innovative and reliable.


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