What's Livi?

Livi is a smart home medication dispenser designed for both patients and their caregivers.  It simplifies managing multiple medications for patients while giving caregivers much needed support.  With thoughtful design and numerous features to help patients take their medications more consistently, Livi is equally attentive to capabilities to help care givers – whether family, professional, or both - monitor and manage medication dispensing remotely.  Independence with Peace of Mind.

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Healthcare Business?

Is home medication management and adherence important to your business?

Complexity made simple

Dispense up to 15 pills of different sizes and shapes, multiple times a day or as needed. Livi can grow with you as your loved one’s medication regimen evolves.

Easy and safe

It’s time to take meds when the green button lights up. One press of the button is all it takes to release the pills — the unit stays locked to prevent over-medicating.

Know with certainty

Get text messages when Livi dispenses pills on time, or if your loved one misses a dose.

Med management in minutes

Save hours a week in sorting pills. Just pour in up to 90 days’ of each pill, and Livi takes care of the rest.

I take about 25 pills per day, at five different times. Livi allows me to dispense the correct medication and quantity prescribed at my chosen times. It is easy and simple.

- N.S., Lake Forest, IL

Is Livi right for you?