Technical Specs

  • Approximately 13 lbs, excluding medications

  • 6-8 hours of battery backup in event of power loss

  • 120v connection, low-voltage operation via in-line power converter

  • Compatible with most standard North American electrical outlets

  • Capacity

    • 90-day supplies
    • 15 different pills of a variety of shapes and sizes*
    • Lockable pill container

    * Livi may have difficulty dispensing half-tabs, gummy supplements, and pills that are  inconsistently shaped. We recommend using the reminder feature or asking physicians or pharmacists to accommodate different strengths and medication formats.

  • Schedule & Dosing

    • Customizable, on-the-hour dosing schedules
    • As-needed medication (PRN doing)
    • 15 additional reminders for items not stored in the Livi (ointments, eye drops, etc.)
    • Step-by-step travel pack dispensing into portable pill organizers for up to 14 days away from home
  • Alerts & Reports

    • Visual (flashing) button and audible (multi-volume tone) alerts when medications are due
    • Displays medication name and instructions for each dose as it is dispensed
    • Text or email alerts to caregivers when medications are dispensed
    • Text or email alerts to caregivers about late or missed doses
    • Text or email alerts to caregivers when lockable device cover is opened
    • Refill alerts via text or email when inventory levels become low and critically low
    • Reports and statistics about medication adherence
    • Audit history of device interaction
  • Connectivity

    • Nationwide cellular connection included in monthly subscription
    • Livi web portal, allowing easy scheduling and real-time monitoring of medications
    • Livi cloud stores medication history and adherence data for easy sharing with physicians and other caregiver

See Livi in Action

Learn how to set up, load and program Livi, and see how easy it is to use.