July 3, 2018

Entrepreneur Addresses Multiple-Prescription Drug Administration Issues

You may have noticed that so many people these days take a lot of prescription drugs for a lot of different reasons because, as time has gone by, pharmaceutical research results in products designed for these reasons.  But for those who are prescribed multiple drugs, and for those who are administering them, complications can arise resulting in missed doses and overdoses.  After watching nurses in health care facilities administer medications to numerous patients with complex conditions, our next guest experienced the proverbial light-bulb effect, and proceeded to launch a new business.

Mike Switzer interviews Bill Park, CEO of PharmRight based in Charleston, SC.

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March 13, 2018

Livi Helps Family Gain Peace of Mind - As Seen on OutsideOurBubble.com!

As some of you may recall, we did a segment on the “B-Side of Full Timing” where we brought up something that you may not have given any thought to when looking to have a life on the road. That being, what happens when a family member back home becomes ill. Have you thought about that aspect of travel? If you do not recall the post or video, please feel free to check it out. That post and video came about based on my father going into the hospital and the choice we needed to make as to if we should fly home or not. Seeing we had lived in upstate NY, it is not like we could just go back there with the coach during the winter.

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