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Whether you’re setting up Livi for the first time or troubleshooting an issue, our expert Livi staff is available by phone, email or chat to help you out. We’re the same people who helped design and build the product, so we know the ins and outs of Livi and are ready to offer personal support if you get stuck

The Livi team is excellent. They are there to answer any questions if you need help.

- S.M., Virginia Beach, VA

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, Livi controls as-needed medications to assure that only the quantity required for the necessary time-frames are dispensed, and that includes daily do not exceeds.

Livi was designed to accommodate a wide variety of pills shapes and sizes.

However, there are some exceptions to be aware of. Inconsistently shaped or gummy-textured pills or supplements should not be dispensed. This includes half-tablets and items with a sticky surface. You can instead schedule reminders for these and store them outside of the machine.


Livi will illuminate the large center button when meds are due. In addition, Livi will beep (adjustable volume levels) as well as send out electronic notifications via text message and email.

Yes, both. Livi has a physical key lock at the rear of the device in order to keep your pills and supplements secure. In addition, there is a cover removal detection system that will send an electronic notification to caregivers anytime the cover us opened.

Livi provides a variety of flexible scheduling options, including adjustable dose availability windows, various daily, weekly, and monthly options, and even just certain days of the week. You can also have variable time or dispense quantity schedules. Note: all schedules are based “on the hour.”

Out of concern for pill residue cross-contamination, Livi is sold for individual use.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting

First, Livi stores all important information in the secure cloud. If anything happens to your Livi, your information is secure. In addition, Livi has an internal battery backup that allows full-functionality for approximately 8 hours should the power go out or the device becomes unplugged from a wall outlet. The battery is always recharged when plugged into electricity.

Yes, all current subscribers have a full warranty backed by the factory. If Livi fails and is not serviceable by our LiviCare team remotely, we will arrange to have a unit shipped to you from the factory and provide a box to return-ship the defective unit.

Chalky or powdery medications and supplements can leave a residue over time. The containers and internal plastics were designed for easy cleaning with typical household wipes and instructions for doing so are available on our LiviCare portal.

Connectivity & Data

Yes. You can invite other caregivers, family or professional, with a special email link to access your Livi information. Livi supports read-only to full access and everything is encrypted, audited, and secure.

Livi can remind your loved one when it’s time to take medications that are stored externally. The Livi dispense button will glow green, and when it’s time to take these meds, a reminder with the med name and instructions will be displayed.

Livi communicates over the cellular network, so no setup is required.

All communications between Livi and LiviWeb are encrypted and secure. Additionally, all at-rest data is encrypted on the server.

Livi is a precision device that requires careful setup in order to provide reliable dispensing. Though it can operate for long periods of time without intervention, pill size changes or other situations requiring access to the inside of Livi may require a caregiver to be available

Yes, Livi can be programmed from any device with a browser as long as you are online, authenticated and authorized. By default, confirmation at the device is required when changes are made remotely to ensure accuracy.